Tomorrows Chess Game of Government Affairs Has Arrived

Government influence has historically been a dynamic game requiring clear strategy. But in the new world of disruptive technologies, government relations is a chess game for true masters. Foreign and domestic companies will be required to work with legislation, regulation and policy as critical paths to disruption.

Take for example Uber’s entry into autonomous car development. While their competitors attempt to sideline ride-sharing with enhanced licensing requirements and regulatory bans, Uber is leap–frogging the taxi industry entirely for a future in which no manner of “enforcement effort” will even be relevant. Uber’s gambit leaves medallions and cab unions out of the ultimate game entirely. In a driverless world, taxi companies won’t be able to compete from a regulatory, expense, personnel, reliability or liability standpoint. The attempt to battle would be one of Victrola vs iPhone.

In the new chess game, Uber may combat or ally with the parking industry, public transit, transit grids, the insurance lobby, courier services, and the environmental movement, to name a few. In this new world, where change is ever more instantaneous, a tactical approach to government influence visualizes the entire chess board and enables government relations teams to position for disruption.


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