Tech and the Presidential Transition: Don’t Shirk, Assert Your Value

Regardless of your politics, the U.S. Presidential election was a shocker and most industries don’t like surprises. Case in point, Donald Trump spent little time with the tech industry during his campaign, and without public policy plans to reference, many companies especially startups are now uncertain about what the future holds.

Tech companies are reeling, unsure of what regulatory and legislative changes are in store for them. From healthcare to cannabis, transportation to fintech, industry professionals are scrambling to figure out what it all means. In the midst of the confusion organizations can easily become paralyzed. “Let’s see how things shake out over the coming months and year,” “It’s best to stay under the radar for now” are phrases I hear all too often when discussing the transition.

But shirking into the shadows may not be the best course of action. New technologies bring enhanced consumer access, better information, cost efficiencies, improved operations and outcomes that advance our society and standard of living. Lawmakers and regulators need to be educated about the value of new tech and prioritize it in government’s agenda. We want smart cities, smart states and a federal government that promotes innovation and doesn’t block it.

Tech leaders—the time is now to assert your company’s value and help the country set the right course for the future; so meet with your city, state and national lawmakers, publish information and educate the community through every means possible to ensure that technology continues to be fostered and promoted across our nation.


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